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The 5 Love Languages: The Secret to Love That Lasts

"If we want to communicate effectively with people from other cultures, we need to learn their language. The same is true in the area of love. The language of your sentimental love and that of your spouse can be as different as Chinese is from French. » Gary Chapman identifies five main ways in which each individual can express love: meaningful words, quality moments, gifts, services rendered, physical contact. Rarely are there two people in a couple expressing their affection through the same means, hence the communication problem that causes many disillusions. To read this book is to embark on the captivating paths of the "natural languages" spoken within one's love relationship. Thanks to the many true stories and ideas presented by this renowned marriage counselor, the reader will learn to speak a new language specific to their couple: a language that builds and flourishes [...]

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The Man Who Wanted to Be Happy by Gounelle

While on a relaxing vacation in Bali, Julian decides to consult a legendary and wise healer whose reputation precedes him. The old Master Samtyang’s diagnosis on meeting the schoolteacher is firm: you are healthy, but you are not . . . happy.During the series of daily encounters that follow, Samtyang meets with Julian and shares cryptic messages, much to the frustration of his new student. In his unusual manner, Samtyang shows Julian—and us—how our thoughts shape our lives and how what we believe becomes our reality. His teachings on the nature of true happiness, which is already inside us; the manifestation of our hopes and dreams, which are closer than we think; and the most thrilling adventure of all, self-discovery, offer unforgettable lessons that linger long past the final page.A worldwide, word-of-mouth sensation, The Man Who Wanted to Be Happy explores the world of new [...]

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Miracle Morning By Hal Elrod

GETTING UP EARLIER TO EARN A RAISE IN LIVING What if the key to our "happiness" and success could be discerned in this new decision? Start your day with a moment all to yourself, take advantage of this moment of calm to anchor yourself, do sports, breathe, read and set up your day, like a new story to start each morning. And make your ordinary a miracle! (book) Hal ELROD is a personal development and motivation speaker. Hal Elrod is a speaker in personal development and motivation. After a dazzling business career and a car accident that almost cost him his life, he decided to make a revolution in his life by simply getting up early. I recommend this book for anyone interested in doing things for themselves with Self. A moment with yourself! Fun and without limits! As a therapist (Energetician, Tarologist and Energetic [...]

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Energy harmonization in your home

It is difficult to be healthy if you live in an unhealthy place that affects its inhabitants continuously. Allopathic medicine looks at the problems (consequences) encountered on the physical body but not at the root causes that can cause them: contaminated air, magnetic or electric fields, or even relay antennas. The place of Life can be affected by 3 types of energies: - Natural energies: Underground rivers, memories, magnetism, tellurism, Earth wounds, geological faults, emanations (radioactivity...), cosmo-telluric chimneys, shape waves, cosmic energies. - Man's inventions: (pollution, electric and magnetic fields, static electricity, high-frequency waves, construction errors, pollutants and toxins in the air, water and earth. - Metaphysical phenomena: (souls in pain, energetic memories of walls, magic, emitting objects...) - The experiences of the planet that are inscribed on the energetic bodies of the Earth: memories of wars, pandemics, magical rituals? All these elements are scanned, [...]

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What is gratitude ?

What is gratitude ? This emotion is difficult to qualify. I would simply say that being grateful to Life. It is the feeling that can be summed up by the word "thank you". It is the feeling felt towards a person who has done us a service. It's the sparkling feeling in your body that gives you the smile! Moreover, it has a beneficial effect on the brain and more precisely on the hypothalamus. What is the hypothalamus? It is that small part of our brain that directly influences our sleep, digestion and stress. Gratitude also stimulates dopamine in our brain, which stimulates the creation of new learning pathways. As a therapist (Energetician, Tarologist and Harmonization of Places), I recommend practicing gratitude at any time of the day both when waking up and in the evening before going to sleep. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you [...]

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“May I Be Happy”

The Mind Body Awareness project is presented in the film "May I Be Happy" by Eric Georgeault and Hélène Walter. "Happy, Meditation in School" reveals the importance of mindfulness practice in transforming the lives of young people. Covering the different approaches to mindfulness adopted by various programs in the San Francisco Bay Area, this feature-length documentary reminds us of children's natural ability to feel good, resilient and happy. As a therapist (Energeticist, Tarologist and Harmonization of Places), this documentary is a true masterpiece! It calls for a calmer world of authenticity, emotions and benevolence. All the scenes in the film tell the magnificent story of an instructor that "mindfulness" has transformed from a personal and professional point of view, bringing them: cheerfulness, happiness and fulfillment. It touches people in difficulty in order to help them discover themselves, to love and respect themselves and to welcome [...]

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Good morning, everyone! After several requests from you, here is an explanation of Curotherapy. The information comes directly from the curotherapy website of Magali and Jacques Largeaud. Nice reading to all! "Principles of Curotherapy: "Official medicine is based solely on the observation of physical matter. It considers that man is made up of a set of atoms which must hold the answers to all things. Everything must be physical, and what is not physical does not exist. Yet neither intelligence nor emotions can be seen under the microscope! Does this mean that they do not exist? In reality, man is made up of 8 bodies of different frequencies, nested within each other and interconnected with each other. These are: a physical body (matter), an etheric body (energies), an emotional body (feelings), a mental body (reflections), a causal body (programs), a spiritual body (beliefs), a crystal body (perceptions) [...]

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A breath towards eternity by Patricia Darré

"Get up, take a piece of paper and write. " The first time "the voices" dictated their message to her in automatic writing, Patricia Darré went to see a psychiatrist. Well, no, she's not schizophrenic. She's just a medium, a "channel" between the beyond and us. Since then, she has been helping wandering souls to lift, the living not to hold them down here on earth by crying too much, or to settle certain disputes with them. All of this in parallel with her activity as a journalist and free of charge, because "money kills the gift". On the strength of her experiences, she explains how to free ourselves from our fears, from our overly materialistic attachments, to build our own happiness. For yes, spirituality and reality are not incompatible. (Source: Amazon) As a therapist (Energetician, Tarologist and Harmonization of Places), I recommend this book [...]

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Telos By Aurelia Louise Jones

"Aurelia Louise Jones has published three books on Telos, she has also given lectures on her teachings to thousands of people in Canada, especially in Quebec, France, Belgium, Switzerland, Spain and the islands of French Polynesia. Even though she left our world in 2009, every summer initiatory trips are organized to Mount Shasta, Telos' great place of pilgrimage". (Source: Amazon) These books deliver to us the messages of the living people inside the earth, as to their future contribution with humanity in its planetary awakening. They speak to us: "Our emergence will be a gradual process. We come as friends and brothers to lend you a hand in this great adventure and to share our knowledge and our gifts with those who will be open to our presence". As a therapist (Energetician, Tarologist and Harmonization of Places), it is important to underline that we are [...]

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Harmonization of Your Place

Where you live (or work) is your anchor point where you need to feel good to recharge your batteries. For example: breakage, damage, leaks, or an unhappiness felt in the place that translates into difficulties in recruiting, sleep for customers or fatigue for your staff. It is therefore in this sense also proposes to harmonize the energies of your place so that it becomes healthy, beneficial and vitalizing. Indeed, houses, apartments, or land keep an energetic imprint of past memories (emotions experienced, ...) it is therefore essential to clean them because they can disrupt the vibratory field of the place and have an impact on those present. Thus, I offer a global harmonization (person and place) so that you feel "at home" and establish healthy energies and high vibratory frequencies in your living space. As a therapist (Energeticist, Tarologist and Harmonization of Places), it is [...]

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