Hold-Up film from Pierre Barnérias & Christophe Cossé

"The Covid-19 pandemic gave rise to contradictory exchanges between doctors, academics, professors, politicians and experts, all orchestrated and fuelled by the intense fire of the media. Scientists thus found themselves discredited with, in particular, the Lancet affair. The Scientific Council, which is supposed to steer this pandemic, is openly accused of incompetence and arrogance, with evidence to back it up. And what about us in all this? What should we think? What to do with all this information? Who to believe? We believe that there is an urgent need to bring an objective and constructive light that will shed light on all these revelations". (Source : Tprod.fr) I had the chance to see a preview of this documentary. I simply took a monumental slap in the face. I will be able to tell a lot about the film, but I would advise one thing, support this [...]