Lumière from P.A. STRAUBINGER

"Can you survive without food or water for weeks, years or even decades? Most people, scientists or specialists will spontaneously answer: it is impossible! But how will these same scientists and specialists react when they are confronted with the evidence, certified reports, interviews and laboratory experiments in support of this phenomenon, sometimes also referred to as "Respianism", finding that it exists? The film is an exciting and intriguing investigation around the world. It not only explores the knowledge derived from Asian spiritual traditions, but also reveals the latest models of explanations from quantum physics. Without promoting "Respirianism", this documentary proposes an alternative vision of our needs, challenging the dominant mechanistic-materialist philosophy. Would it then be possible to live differently?" (Source: Jupiter Films website) Trailer You can rent or buy it with the following link: Lighting Film I recommend this film that pushes the limits of the [...]