The Intelligence of the Trees by Julia Dordel and Guido Tölke

A forester in Germany, Peter Wohlleben, observed that the trees in his region communicate with each other by lovingly caring for their offspring, elders and neighbouring trees when they are sick. He wrote the bestseller "The Secret Life of Trees" (sold more than 1 million copies) which has amazed nature lovers. His claims were confirmed by scientists at the University of British Columbia in Canada. This documentary shows the meticulous and exciting work of scientists, necessary to understand the interactions between trees and the consequences of this discovery. (source Allociné) Trailer A magnificent film that shows the importance of anchoring in everyday life. The Earth brings us all what we need in our daily lives when we are well connected to our roots. Roots which also represents family and body in the Tarot de Marseille. Take care of yourself and take some time for yourself [...]