« Only 0.001% of us have freed ourselves from the belief systems offered by education, culture, the media, religions, to access the knowledge of who we really are and our true place in the universe.

Are you one of them, or are you going to join them?

0.001% brings new information, supported by unusually accurate narratives, so that everyone can live their own experience of reality. « (Source and purchase of the book in French only: Amazon)

This book transports you to other frontiers, it is both bewitching and magical. It is almost impossible not to change your perspective on Life after reading this magnificent book. It’s a super interesting and so exciting information!

I advise you to check out these two videos in French (video 1 & video 2) for more information and also Marc Aubrun’s website.

I am available for any question with pleasure.

Take good care of yourself and see you soon!

You Are Magic!

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