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Nearsightedness is a pathology that makes you see better from near than far. In curotherapy, this is related to fear/insecurity. If everything starts in your consciousness, it is because you wanted to see what is close to you and not see what is far from you. It’s a bit like curling up on yourself. It’s as if your « bubble » of clarity contracts around you.

In curotherapy, farsightedness or presbyopia (the person sees better from a distance than up close) resonates with anger and guilt. It is also in correspondence to want to see what is far from us and not to see what is close to us (exterior + important than interior).

Hyper- or presbyopic people always have their heart on their hand. Always ready to help or be of service. The problem is that it is to their detriment. They forget themselves through this and their eyes try to catch their attention.

Astimagtism gives a distorted vision with a feeling of confusion according to curotherapy. Somehow, this person who has been astigmatic knows very well that the face she is showing is not « her » but she has sometimes lost sight of what she is beyond the mask she presents. She knows that what you like about her is her mask… if you really knew what she was, you couldn’t love her… That’s why she created this mask. To be loved.

In the case of myopia and presbyopia, in curotherapy, this shows a « rigidity » of the field of vision (the person can only see clearly in a very specific area…): the person has « rigidified » his mind, his beliefs… He will obviously have to learn to develop more flexibility.

Cataract is a myopia pushed to the extreme with a field of vision that gradually closes in on itself. There is an energy of contraction, of inward withdrawal with an inability to envision the future.

Glaucoma shows excessive pressure in the globes. This « water » being retained « under pressure », it means that the person having had glaucoma keeps his emotions « under pressure ».

The vision can change by:

  • Oxidative stress
  • Ultraviolet light radiation
  • Bad lifestyle habits – smoking
  • Poor nutrition – lack of vegetables and leafy greens

Work in near vision like computer work These are conditions that affect almost the entire population. They are neither irremediable nor age-related, but like others due to human inventions, behavioral errors and weaknesses that some parasites take advantage of. They can be healed energetically and with the help of nature spirits.

Here are some videos on the subject of addictions:

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