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After several requests from you, here is an explanation of Curotherapy. The information comes directly from the curotherapy website of Magali and Jacques Largeaud. Nice reading to all!

« Principles of Curotherapy:

« Official medicine is based solely on the observation of physical matter. It considers that man is made up of a set of atoms which must hold the answers to all things. Everything must be physical, and what is not physical does not exist. Yet neither intelligence nor emotions can be seen under the microscope! Does this mean that they do not exist?

In reality, man is made up of 8 bodies of different frequencies, nested within each other and interconnected with each other. These are: a physical body (matter), an etheric body (energies), an emotional body (feelings), a mental body (reflections), a causal body (programs), a spiritual body (beliefs), a crystal body (perceptions) and a light body (emissions).
These different bodies are ALL affected by: injuries, shocks, blockages, memories, embarrassments, bonds that act on the physical if not healed, and parasites (spirits of diseases) of different frequencies, which feed on the different energies.
These being of an energetic nature, they are not perceptible through microscopes. Physical medicines have effects on physical parasites, but not on those of the energetic bodies.

Moreover, the habitat of people acts on its occupants. A person living in an unhealthy place is necessarily affected.

For a therapy to be effective, it must take into account the whole person: with all his bodies, all his past and present problems, as well as his place of residence. It must be carried out in a gentle (pain-free) and natural way (without side effects).

First of all, it must neutralize the elements that maintain diseases: parasites, blockages, bonds, memories…

Secondly, it must neutralize the sources that facilitated their installation: energies of the place, accumulated emotional shocks, mental blocks, genetic predispositions, memories or programs of past lives…

And to repair the damage caused to the bodies, in a natural and efficient way.

CURO therapy was born from these obvious findings.

The word Curo comes from the Latin cura which means natural and complete energy care. It is often used in the form of a cure to indicate a series of natural therapeutic treatments (a spa treatment, a youth cure, a slimming cure). The derived terms keep the same meaning: curatelle, curer, curetage.

Conventional medicine is dedicated to the physical body of man.
Curotherapy harmonises the energetic bodies and the place of living.

It is important to treat the lesions of the energetic bodies as well as those of the physical body, since they interact with each other.

Curotherapy therefore consists of: the Energetic Harmonisation of Places and People (HELP).

To perceive the energetic bodies, it uses clairvoyance and clear-sightedness. It is not a gift and any trained person can do it.

Let’s take the example of a person suffering from osteoarthritis of the knee:

In this case the doctor prescribes painkillers, fluid infiltration into the joint, or even an artificial prosthesis to replace it.

The ordinary naturopathic doctor prescribes calming water baths, clay poultices, lymphatic drainage by massage or herbal tea, painkillers and natural painkillers with no side effects.

In both cases, osteoarthritis continues its progression irremediably.

The Curotherapist knows that: osteoarthritis is caused by small etheric parasites in the form of mini crabs, which feed on the building energy of the atoms of the bones. This generates their degradation.

– He looks for and removes the parasites that are installed.

– It seeks and removes the phenomena that increase pain in other bodies (memories, shocks).

– It searches if there is a predisposition to the renewal of this pain.

– It helps the resorption of the lesions caused, by promoting the reconstitution of bones (dietary advice).

After these treatments, the joint is actually rebuilt (supported by X-rays). All those who have been treated in this way have seen arthrosis and pain disappear completely.
The principle is the same for the other diseases treated in Curotherapy.

It obviously does not replace surgical medicine, nor the care of complementary naturopaths who treat the physical body. However, it goes further upstream since it perceives and eliminates the sources and effects of diseases, and downstream since it uses the resources of nature.

Curotherapy proves to be effective in cases of general affections (osteoarthritis, rheumatism, depression, etc.).

in the aftermath of surgery, joint pain, cancer, neurodegenerative (Alzheimer’s…), autoimmune or rare diseases (cystic fibrosis…).
It is also in all types of diseases of animals, which are living beings with several energetic bodies and have similar problems. » (Source:

There is also a video available by clicking on this link.  🙂

As a therapist (Energetician, Tarologist and Harmonization of Places), I recommend this site for anyone who wants to know more about the subject. An approach which is simple, authentic with an easy reading and accessible to the greatest number. There are two books that you should have in your library! Have a great summer!

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