Man is composed of a physical body, an etheric body, an emotional body, a mental body, a causal body, a spiritual body, a crystal body and a light body according to curotherapy.

Each one is of a different frequency, and they are intertwined within each other without hindering each other. However, the affections they accumulate act on the corresponding physical area.

For example, a repeated emotional shock (a dispute with the spouse) affects the right shoulder area, which is the memory area of the emotional body where this repetitive condition is stored. It makes it sensitive and conducive to the development of cancer in the right breast. As a result, the physical body can only be healthy if all the energy bodies are healthy.

The etheric body governs the energies of all the atoms, molecules and organs that make up the physical body. It vibrates faster than the physical body and becomes entangled in it.

The emotional body governs emotions and stores them in different ways, in memory areas scattered throughout the body. It vibrates faster than the etheric body and becomes entangled in it.

The mental body governs man’s reflections, experiences and learning. It also stores his worries and responsibilities.

The causal body is a body of programs and memories. It stores information from past lives. It stores daily those of the experiences of this present life, in particular the shocks and conditionings. The shocks are anchored in it in the form of programs or conditioned reflexes.

The spiritual body governs all the sciences of the mind. Spiritual beliefs, beliefs about life, about nature, about the value of things, motivations, life program…

The crystal body is a superior body of sensitivity. It is more or less pure depending on the person, and it allows them to perceive information at a distance. The purer it is, the easier and more intense the perception is, the more the person captures information (virtuoso, inspired…).

The body of light is a superior body of action. It is a set of energy tubes. Its development depends on the cleansing and evolution of the person. It makes it possible to act on matter, directly or remotely. It can modulate, rebuild, remove, exchange all that is energetic, and act on physical matter.

Curotherapy is dedicated to the affections of the energetic bodies and living places, which are the sources of the majority of diseases.

It proves to be effective in cases of general affections (osteoarthritis, rheumatism, depression…), in the aftermath of operations, joint pain and in the most serious diseases: cancers, neuro-degenerative diseases (Alzheimer’s…), rare or orphan diseases, etc.

It also works on animals, which are living beings and have several energetic bodies with almost similar problems.

Here are several videos with a different approach to this subject:

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