It is difficult to be healthy if you live in an unhealthy place that affects its inhabitants continuously. Allopathic medicine looks at the problems (consequences) encountered on the physical body but not at the root causes that can cause them: contaminated air, magnetic or electric fields, or even relay antennas.

The place of Life can be affected by 3 types of energies:

Natural energies: Underground rivers, memories, magnetism, tellurism, Earth wounds, geological faults, emanations (radioactivity…), cosmo-telluric chimneys, shape waves, cosmic energies.

Man’s inventions: (pollution, electric and magnetic fields, static electricity, high-frequency waves, construction errors, pollutants and toxins in the air, water and earth.

Metaphysical phenomena: (souls in pain, energetic memories of walls, magic, emitting objects…)

The experiences of the planet that are inscribed on the energetic bodies of the Earth: memories of wars, pandemics, magical rituals?

All these elements are scanned, cleaned and harmonized in order to increase the energies of the living space to find a healthy and vitalizing place.

Thus, I offer an energetic harmonization of the habitat (240€ – 4h) so that you feel « at home » and establish healthy energies and high vibratory frequencies in your living space.

As a therapist (Energetician, Tarologist and Energetic Harmonization of Places), it is essential to treat the person as well as the place of life.

I am available for any question or to make an appointment.

Looking forward to meeting you!

Yours sincerely,

Baptist Your Therapist (Energetician, Tarologist and Site Harmonization)

Baptiste Thérapeute

Baptiste Thérapeute

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Baptiste Thérapeute
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