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Today,I would like to share an artist who touches me a lot in her texts. She’s Keny Arkana, she does rap (we like it, we don’t like it, everyone is free ? and some of her songs are powerful and sweet, which is good for the Soul.
I strongly recommend you to listen to the song: « Everything revolves around the sun » whose lyrics I put below. You can find the clip with the following link: Youtube video


The life told me « Dry your tears, the Sky does not take revenge
Stay yourself, be strong or the world will change you
Hold on to your flame and transmute the fable
Get fast up every time this world trip you up!
Don’t cultivate the hatred or it will eat you
Cure you cause if you’re ill in yourself it will be the same somewhere else
If you’re searching a culprit, look at you in the mirror
Your reality you’ve done it, it is nothing else than a question of octave »
The life told me « The happiness depend on your glance
On what you give off, the ones who are not afraid of emptiness do not fall
Cause the fear pull everything to its, magnetic
The errors recure because we cultivate amnesia »
It told me « Do not judge, avoid the commonplaces
Channel your analyses cause your thoughts build you
Do never trivialize, all is unique, meditate it
And if you don’t know wher to go, engage yourself in private prayer the Sky will guide you »
The life told me that she was much more big than all of what we believe
Plentiful, we,imagine it austere
It told me  » My power is in you
Create a vacuum and find it again, create it fast and find yourself again »
Forgotten children of our Earth
It told me « The Sun is in you! And everything revolves around the Sun!!!!! »
The life told me « Listen the words that I whisper to you
Take you in charge instead of crying for help
Anchore you in the present and its movement
Learn to really give it is to not wait anything back
Nothing is to late if you think that you took the wrong way
Listen the intuition, it will make diseapear the doubt
It connect you to yourself, release you
Each human is destined to shine that the Sky bless you »

Source: lyricstranslate.com

Take good care of yourself!

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