What is Ho’oponopono?

Everyone is responsible for his or her life and therefore for his or her Way, both in words and deeds. We are one with the Great Whole. Change begins with oneself and it is useless to want to change the people around us or to blame others for this or that experience. Ho’oponopono means « recreating the universal order ». Thus, it is the essence of heaven to find our Universe again and to do this great cleansing within ourselves.

The essence of the Ho’oponopono method lies in a simple formula: « I am Sorry! Forgive me, thank you! I Love you! »

In front of a difficult experience (close person, work…) this formula can be a precious help in order to accompany us to the acceptance of the situation and to let go naturally.

Moreover, you can also work on your family tree with this prayer. As an energetic therapist & tarologist I recommend to use it regularly and to let the Soul works.

Take good care of Yourself,


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