The « 2-point method » is a practical application of quantum physics according to which all reality can be described as energy and vibration because everything is « light and information ».

Its field of action provides conclusive results on both physical and emotional discomforts, mental clarity and letting go.

The M2P Informational Field© is also a personal vector for the opening of individual consciousness to the collective consciousness.

We are each a story, with individual data innate, inherited and acquired on this dimension, but also related to our multidimensional personality, the memory stored deep within ourselves.

The M2P CI offers the possibility of « resetting to factory settings » (Reset) at the level of erroneous information so that it gradually and definitively gives way to updated light information.

We are going to co-create this reality together, not for change, but to make a reunion with ourselves, a coming together of all parts of ourselves into one Whole. Our ever-changing consciousness will perpetuate this process throughout the sessions and beyond.

The practice of M2P CI perfectly illustrates the words of Philippe Guillemant, a researcher at the CNRS: « the universe is an immense brain that works on all space-time and of which we are the neurons ».

Individual session: it is necessary to envisage a minimum initial series of four consecutive sessions spaced 23 days apart. Experience shows that the method requires an average of four to eight sessions. Thereafter, accompanying sessions are strongly recommended.
M2P is practiced while seated and dressed. It is accessible to all, without age limit.

The book M2P Informational Field « How to access the Informational Field to boost your life » is available with the following link:Book in French M2P-CHAMP-INFORMATIONNEL

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