The Complete Dictionary of Ailments and Diseases, explains how our thoughts, feelings and emotions are the root causes of illnesses. This book is an illustration of the Masters’ teachings about how our invisible thoughts, feelings and emotions have measurable physical impacts in the form of illnesses.

This remarkable tool deals with close to 900 ailments, diseases and parts of the body. This reference manual helps me to become my own therapist by learning to know myself better and to be able to prevent or heal an illness if I take action and resolve the conflict from which it originated.

By learning to decode this new dictionary of emotions,I will now be able to invest in my own capital of health, being capable now of preventing and avoiding many of the ailments that may threaten me. So it is not a matter of clairvoyance, but clearly a matter of knowledge. As Paul Twitchell, an American writer, said one day: “Only the brave and the adventurous will personally experience God.” And also: “One must learn from those who know.

Thus, the aim of this book is to complement any health-improving approach, whether medical or linked to alternative forms of medicine.

It is our lack of awareness of the laws that regulate the links between our thoughts and emotions and our physical bodies that leads us to experience situations of ailments and diseases. I must therefore become aware of the trajectory of my personal progression or, in the broadest sense, of my spiritual development.

I sincerely believe each one of us can take ourselves in hand more or less independently and that each of us can attain a higher degree of wisdom, love and freedom! We all deserve this.

This book was written with the help of some Masters.

This dictionary was designed as a tool for opening up conscious awareness and for inquiry into self-discovery. It is important that I use this book as a tool for understanding, investigation and transformation.

Truly yours,

Jacques Martel

Author and president of “Les Éditions ATMA Internationales” (Source: Ebooks Available here)

To note!

This book will never replace medical care or treatment prescribed by doctors. Therefore, this book is not qualified to make any medical diagnosis.

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