With Braco, we find the comfort of an encounter that opens our hearts and rekindles hope.

Those who encounter Braco’s peaceful gaze for the first time sometimes find this inviting feeling of familiarity, even friendship and trust. Others report that this bond grows over time, becoming a unique personal foundation as their lives are enriched by the gift that Braco shares.

Braco’s work on behalf of people, to help improve lives and offer renewed hope, has taken place since 1995 in many countries: including Croatia, Slovenia, Germany, the United States, Mexico, Japan, Belgium, Austria, Switzerland, Hungary, the Netherlands, the Czech Republic, Finland, Portugal, Denmark, Israel, Ireland, Australia, Russia, the Dominican Republic. And this list is growing with new countries inviting Braco to visit them.

Looking at a man’s eyes can be a new experience for you. Yet some people claim to have found inner strength and sometimes global solutions to life’s problems – simply in the silence of a look online or live. Braco’s humanitarian work has been recognized by the public. He has been appointed a peace ambassador and received a prestigious « Pole of Peace » at a UN community event in New York in 2012.

People come to see Braco because they say his eyes make them happy. But they won’t listen to him talk! Instead, they will experience the beauty of his silent gaze. Braco stands in front of groups of people and watches them without saying anything. When you look into Braco’s eyes, you may feel a pleasant warmth, a flow throughout your body. Many feel a deep peace and relief from the daily pressure. Through the power of his gaze, he touches people of different nationalities, religions and lifestyles.

I let you discover this magical man on his site Braco.me

Baptiste Thérapeute

Baptiste Thérapeute

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