Lise Bourbeau was born in 1941 in Quebec City. At a very young age, she became interested in the sales field, which she started in at the age of 19. The young woman quickly became the best regional manager in Canada within her company, thanks to her talents as a negotiator.

During her commercial career, Lise Bourbeau trains, assists and motivates more than 40,000 people to reach their potential. She discovered her first passion for personal development by communicating with those around her and leading them towards a self-confidence approach through goals to achieve.

This interest will soon turn into a life choice when Lise Bourbeau decides to improve her health. She decides to lose weight by becoming aware of her own body and to listen to it. At the same time, she improves her general physical condition, especially her eyesight, which is clearly improving.

This book was written for those who have made a conscious decision to improve the quality of their lives and have decided to take control. The author provides the tools and the guidelines necessary for step by step personal development in every area of life. Based on the concept of Whole Mind Integration, the book is presented in five parts. Exercises at the end of each chapter provide the opportunity for guided practical application of the concepts presented. (Source: Amazon)

As a therapist (Energeticist, Tarologist (Tarot de Marseille) and Harmonization of Places), I recommend this book as a wonderful reminder that we are responsible for our lives and actions. We are responsible at every moment for this wonderful experience which is Life.

Happy reading to all!

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Baptist Your Therapist (Energetician, Tarologist (Tarot de Marseille) and Harmonization of Places)

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