Born in 1970 in Canada, talented for the arts since his childhood, Mario Duguay further developed his talent through tattooing in 1993. He practices this craft in Montreal until 1998. Because of his desire to evolve in his art, he decides to study graphic design. Graduated, he works only one year in this field. Disappointed by the little creativity allocated to the graphic designer’s job, the art of expressing himself emerges in him and he decides to live from his painting. To do so, he gives painting courses in different cities of Quebec and then participates in various exhibitions of the group as well as many symposiums from 1999 to 2010.

His style is centered towards the new age, which propels him to the four corners of the world. From his paintings he develops various products that are sold in Canada, the United States, France, England and Japan. All best sellers in all corners of the world!

Then after various difficulties in life, such as bankruptcy due to his distributor who also went bankrupt, depression, many losses including his house, his studio, his photo studio, he decides to make a career change, focus on his creativity, his works and produce what pushes him to create. He abandons the New Age and concentrates on surrealism, which has been boiling inside him from the beginning. He decides to start his career all over again. From then on, he feels alive again and approaches galleries all over the world.

Mario Duguay is currently looking for galleries wishing to represent him and join different group exhibitions in various countries around the world. At 47 years old, the best is yet to come for him…Mario Duguay Website

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