« If we want to communicate effectively with people from other cultures, we need to learn their language. The same is true in the area of love. The language of your sentimental love and that of your spouse can be as different as Chinese is from French. »

Gary Chapman identifies five main ways in which each individual can express love: meaningful words, quality moments, gifts, services rendered, physical contact.

Rarely are there two people in a couple expressing their affection through the same means, hence the communication problem that causes many disillusions.

To read this book is to embark on the captivating paths of the « natural languages » spoken within one’s love relationship.

Thanks to the many true stories and ideas presented by this renowned marriage counselor, the reader will learn to speak a new language specific to their couple: a language that builds and flourishes because it will finally be understood by both spouses. « (Source: Amazon)

It’s a really easy book to read and to understand that we each have our own way of expressing our love to each other. The Languages of Love by Gary Chapman gives very practical life advice, whether for relationships as a couple, parents-children or between friends. I recommend it for anyone interested in the subject. (book available here)

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