While on a relaxing vacation in Bali, Julian decides to consult a legendary and wise healer whose reputation precedes him. The old Master Samtyang’s diagnosis on meeting the schoolteacher is firm: you are healthy, but you are not . . . happy.During the series of daily encounters that follow, Samtyang meets with Julian and shares cryptic messages, much to the frustration of his new student. In his unusual manner, Samtyang shows Julian—and us—how our thoughts shape our lives and how what we believe becomes our reality. His teachings on the nature of true happiness, which is already inside us; the manifestation of our hopes and dreams, which are closer than we think; and the most thrilling adventure of all, self-discovery, offer unforgettable lessons that linger long past the final page.A worldwide, word-of-mouth sensation, The Man Who Wanted to Be Happy explores the world of new possibili­ties available to us when we discover how to break free from whatever prevents us from truly being happy. (Source: Amazon)

« The man who wanted to be happy » brings questions to be asked throughout his life about his personal evolution. It is a real-life situation and it happens quickly. It is a book that allows us to modify our vision of our daily life and to apprehend our way of thinking that can prevent us from advancing on our path.
It is a novel in which we quickly immerse ourselves and which leads to the journey from the first to the last page. (hence the title: The man who wanted to be happy) available here.

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