The « matchmen method » was created by Jacques Martel. It is an exercise that allows to cut the bond of attachment with a person, an object or a feeling. The unpleasant emotions generated by these bonds prevent us from taking a step back and having the necessary serenity to deal with these people or situations. Be careful, it is not a question of breaking love, but of breaking the emotional bond that can sometimes be harmful. These are two very distinct things, so by breaking this toxic bond, love will have even more space to circulate.

For more information on this exercise, please refer to the book by Jaques Martel . You can also view videos on the internet from the author.

You should also know that this technique brings certain results but it depends on the problem of each person. Indeed, a work on oneself is essential to clean up the root of the problem. In some cases, an energetic treatment or a tarot reading can be an accompaniment adapted to your situation. Take Care of Yourself!

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