The potential of the heart according to the Institut Heartmath.

« The heart has its reasons that reason ignores » – Pascal

In fetal development, the heart is formed and starts beating before the brain develops. A mother’s brain waves can synchronize with her baby’s heartbeat.

The heart sends more information to the brain than the brain sends to the heart. If one feels esteem, gratitude and peace in the Heart, then considerable and powerful signals manifest themselves, which act favourably on the brain and the environment.

The electric field of the Heart (of the nucleus) of our Heart is 100 times more powerful than that of the brain. The magnetic field of the Heart is 5000 times stronger than that of the brain. Human DNA has an influence on the physical matter that makes up our world and human emotions have the ability to alter the DNA that influences the world around us .

The language of the Heart is the one that allows us to make the right choices and to access unsuspected potentials because it allows us to access the verticality of our being (beyond the fixed horizontality of our Time Space).

In curotherapy, a sentimental shock is stored in memory in the heart area. For example, an excess of emotional shocks, stored in the heart’s memory box, can cause a heart attack. Some shocks are even more traumatic and constitute « cracks in the heart ».

These cut several bodies at the same time (etheric, emotional and mental) in accordance with curotherapy. They arise when there is a sense of profound injustice towards a first-degree relative (child, parent or spouse). A feeling that he (or she) did not do the right thing for him (or her) or a feeling that he (or she) did not do what he (or she) should have done. Some cracks can be very long: a person who is the victim of an abortion forced by his or her spouse, finds himself or herself with a crack that goes from the heart to the foot (area of disappointment in the choice of life, with this spouse, following behaviour considered abnormal). This fissure creates an energy leak in the heart area, i.e. in the area of the lungs. It inevitably causes permanent discomfort to the person, or even a desire to compensate with sugar, tobacco or alcohol in order to feel less discomfort.

It also provokes the desire for contact with people with a big heart, to make up for the lack of energy that they are constantly losing through the cracks. In curotherapy, we treat these heart cracks with the heart!

Here are some videos on the subject of the power of the heart:

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