Tinnitus is the fact that you can hear sounds such as whistling, buzzing, crackling without it having anything to do with the people around you. It can be temporary or permanent and can occur with different sound intensities (and pain).

Tinnitus is frequently noticed in people who experience performance stress. It can also appear following an event or an emotional shock that was experienced during childhood or linked to an event such as: divorce, loss of a job, theft… There is a form of resistance to changes that we do not choose and over which we do not have control. Tinnitus tells me that my body is under stress. When this happens, it is essential to take the time to question ourselves if we are listening to our inner voice. It is as if we are not perfectly tuned to « his inner radio ». We can ask ourselves the following questions: Are there any emotions that I would have repressed for fear of disturbing my inner balance? What is my body telling me? In this way, life reminds me to listen to my inner voice, my needs and desires.

Any holistic approach such as energy treatments, yoga, meditation, acupuncture, osteopathy, writing, etc., can help to reduce stress levels and bring inner peace.

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