Definition: « A condition that results when a person ingests a substance (or is engagé́ in a behavior) that may be pleasurable but whose continued act becomes compulsive and interferes with the responsibilities of ordinary life. »

Users may not be aware that their behavior is out of control.

The body adapts to the presence of a drug that no longer has the same effect and therefore there is a distorted level of tolerance (example: alcohol). This can happen mentally due to emotional stress or physical imbalance.

There are different sources of addiction: Genetics, past trauma and emotional stress, high anxiety levels, stress hormones circulating to too high a degree, painful childhood experiences (cigarettes remind us of suckling our mother), abandonment, sexual, emotional or physical abuse, a lack of support for our development and fulfillment, despair.

But also when there is a sense of belonging (this often happens with young people with cigarettes) or when we do a job that is more suited to us or a toxic partner.

Addiction to food is presented by :

  • Compulsive overeating
  • Use food to create a mood change or to help balance a craving.
  • Using food to cope with emotional stress
  • Difficulty changing or managing one’s behaviour with willpower
  • Compulsive overfeeding – to calm down
  • Bulimia – dopamine rush, serotonin deficiency, related to hypothalamus problems
  • Anorexia – Deeply destructive and fearfull

Overweight women and men are 25% more likely to suffer from mood disorders such as:

  • Depression
  • Insomnia
  • Addiction drugs
  • Eating disorders
  • Gambling and Sex Addiction

In curotherapy, the spirits of addictions are in more or less the same place and it is easy to identify them with what they feel, without being clairvoyant, hence the importance of curotherapy.)

– The spirit of tobacco is placed at the top left of the heart.

– The spirit of hashish is placed above and to the right of the heart.

– The spirit of chocolate is at the bottom left of the heart.

– The spirit of coffee is at the bottom right of the heart.

– The spirit of opium is in the center of the heart.

– Sleeping pills are in the middle of the throat and mouth.

– Antidepressants are in the center and back of the head.

– Cocaine is in the heart and sex.

– Respiratory toxins are in the middle of the throat.

– Some spirits of chemical additives, common to cigarette users, can be found on the side of the head. In curotherapy, we remove these spirits and bonds on the different energetic bodies so that the person detaches more quickly and regains his freedom.

It is strongly recommended to work with addiction counsellors and other support people (curotherapists, curotherapy, doctors, energetic care, etc.).

Here are a few videos on the subject of addictions:

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