Did you know that much of the dust in a room, whether a bedroom or classroom, is composed of small fragments of human skin?

Skin represents on the one hand:

  • our protection system against the outside, and on the other hand
  • one of the means to get in touch with the world around us, but also with our inner world.
  • It is an excellent communication tool between our body and its environment, it is a very powerful psychosomatic marker.

The link between psyche and skin is very concrete and is scientifically proven:

It is embryonic: the skin, the nerves and the brain have the same embryological origin, they come from the ectoderm. It is only in the third week of the development of the embryo, that these parts will individualize themselves into the brain, the nervous system, and what remains outside: the skin.

It is sensory: the skin contains many sensory receptors, it is the most sensitive of the organs. It is also called « spread out brain ». It appears before the other sense organs, and remains in relation with the other senses: it breathes, eliminates and creates links throughout the body.

The skin receives, the skin transmits. The skin vibrates and the skin lives. The skin reflects our emotions.this is what the psychoanalyst Didier Anzieu, who wrote « The Skin-Self » in 1974, when psychoanalysis began to be associated with dermatology, is convinced of.his thesis: our personality is first shaped by an awareness of our skin, of this limit in the space of our identity.

The skin between the baby and the mother: a stage of development which will allow the child to reach other stages of his psychological evolution, and then sexuality.

Then, throughout life, the skin will continue to reflect the ups and downs of our inner life :

  • the face will blush with anger
  • will pale under that of fear
  • Happiness will be read on a radiant face
  • while a complexion that is always grey will herald a depressive state.

It is considered that 80% of dermatological disorders are predominantly psychological: the more the psyche is in difficulty, the more the skin and its physiological functioning are also affected.

Some people develop a skin disease instead of depression.

In people with psoriasis, for example, suppressing anger is said to cause 95% of cases. In curotherapy, this can also be linked to certain parasites (invisible to the naked eye) that feed on the energetic skins of each energetic body.

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