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Create the Unexpected with Tarot

I Am the Heart of Entertainment:

I transform every occasion into an unforgettable experience. My tarot sessions are designed to surprise and delight your guests, offering a touch of mystery and personal revelation.

I Connect People:

Through my cards, I foster deep conversations and authentic connections. Tarot is a powerful means of enriching your event with a social and interactive dimension.

I Prioritize Empathy and Skill:

My approach to tarot is characterized by kindness. I guarantee a positive atmosphere and a high-level performance for each reading.

I Create a Welcoming Space:
The quality of the welcome is paramount. I prepare a warm setting so that each interaction with the tarot is relaxed and enriching.

Why Choose Me?

My Services Are Your Asset:

  • I communicate fluently in French and English.
  • I am available to travel and join your event wherever it may be in France or abroad.
  • I am available to travel and join your event wherever it may be in France or abroad.
  • I am committed to organizing eco-friendly events.

Sessions for All Occasions:

I offer my tarot sessions for various events, such as corporate parties, product launches, team-building workshops, weddings, birthdays, festivals, retreats, and private parties. Each session is tailored to complement and enhance your special occasion.

Your Story, Told by the Cards

I Personalize Each Consultation:
My sessions are designed to be intimate and impactful. I make sure that each participant leaves with a personal and memorable experience, a story told by the cards that resonates long after the event.

I Adapt to Your Vision:

Each event is a unique canvas. I customize my tarot readings to resonate with the theme and energy of your event, while remaining true to my ethical values.

My Service, Your Event Signature

I Bring Your Theme to Life:

With creativity and flexibility, I adapt to the atmosphere you want to create, offering a visual and sensory experience that amplifies the special character of your event.

The Progression of a Service:

  • Consultations last between 5 and 15 minutes depending on the request.
  • I ask the person if they want to ask a specific question or if they would like a reading for the present moment.
  • Each consultation is conducted with kindness and in a positive manner at all times.
  • The duration of the service can last from 2 hours to a maximum of 4 hours.
  • Contact me by email for more information.

Photos: Soirée Cocktail – Tarot au Calbar – Paris – Vidéo: VO2 Group Tous Droits Réservés.


Felix Rollet
15 January 2024
Clara Cimbaro
22 December 2023

"Une expérience exceptionnelle avec ce tarologue ! Sa bienveillance m'a mise à l'aise, le tirage a ouvert des perspectives de réflexion sur ma vie, et la justesse des cartes m'a véritablement impressionnée. Un guide remarquable pour ceux en quête de clarté et de compréhension. Je recommande vivement, cinq étoiles bien méritées !"

Léa Rz
7 December 2023

Super moment en compagnie de Baptiste pour l'atelier Tarot qu'il propose. C'est quelqu'un qui explique bien les cartes, les méthodes de tirages.. ce fût un super moment. Je recommande d'aller le voir des tirages de tarot qui sonne juste ✨️ Milles merci 🙏🏼

Damotte Léa
30 November 2023

Baptiste est un tarologue passionné et doté d’une grande bienveillance que je vous recommande les yeux fermés !

Tiphaine Saint-Gilles
30 November 2023

Baptiste est passionnée par son métier et est d’une extreme bienveillance envers ses clients. Je vous recommande ses talents les yeux fermées.

morgane hoste
25 October 2023

J’ai eu la chance d’avoir participé à un tirage en ligne ! Ce fut une très bonne expérience, j’ai hâte de pouvoir en refaire un. Baptiste a lu en moi, et m’a apporté la clarté dont j’avais besoin. Si vous aussi, vous avez besoin d’y voir plus clair, contactez Baptiste 🙂

Nathalie Zumkeller
20 October 2023


Karine Castro
20 October 2023

Merci à Baptiste pour sa disponibilité et son attention.

virginie poidevin
20 October 2023

Laissez vous guider par Baptiste si vous ressentez un besoin de soutien. Baptiste est très professionnel, bienveillant, à l’écoute. Il m’a bluffé avec deux remarques très pertinentes. Je recommande 👍✨

Sandrine A
1 September 2023

Baptiste Mattard m'a été recommandé par un proche. Je l'ai consulté pour le tarot. J'avoue avoir été impressionné par la justesse des cartes et des explications. C'est un thérapeute bienveillant, à l'écoute et très professionnel. Je le recommande sans hésiter.


What types of events are suitable for tarot sessions?

My tarot sessions are perfect for a variety of events, including corporate parties, product launches, team buildings, weddings, birthdays, festivals, spiritual retreats, and private parties.

How long do tarot sessions last during an event?

Sessions are flexible and can be tailored to the event's requirements. They typically last between 5 and 15 minutes per person, allowing for adjustment to the guest flow and event duration.

How do I adapt to your event?

Je prends le temps de comprendre le thème et l’atmosphère de votre événement afin de personnaliser mes séances pour qu’elles s’intègrent naturellement et enrichissent l’expérience de vos invités.

Puis-je me déplacer pour des événements en dehors de ma région ?

Yes, I am available to travel anywhere in France and internationally to provide my tarot services for your event.

What languages do I speak?

I am bilingual and can conduct tarot sessions in both French and English, which is ideal for international events or multilingual guests.

Are tarot sessions suitable for events with children?

Tarot sessions are typically better suited for an adult audience, but I can tailor my approach for family events if desired.

How far in advance should I book for an event?

It is advisable to book as early as possible, as my schedule can fill up quickly. However, feel free to reach out for last-minute requests, as I am flexible and will do my best to accommodate your event.

Are tarot sessions interactive?

Yes, my sessions are highly interactive and involve guest participation, making it a memorable and engaging experience for everyone.


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