The term 'geobiology' comes from the combination of three Greek words: 'Gé,' meaning 'the earth,' 'bios' for 'life,' and 'logos,' which translates to 'science' or 'study'.

What is Geobiology?

The goal of geobiology is to identify and recognize natural earth disturbances, electrical and electromagnetic pollution, as well as other sources of disturbances that can negatively affect our vitality and physical well-being.

Why conduct a geobiological analysis?

 Geobiology proves to be an essential complement to magnetic and energy therapies.

On one hand, it highlights the issues associated with our living environment, and on the other, it helps to understand why some individuals remain energetically deficient despite the treatments they receive.

If, after undergoing treatment, you still experience feelings of fatigue or an energy deficit, the cause could lie in your residential or workplace environment.

In this context, a geobiological analysis can be a wise choice to identify potential sources of these disturbances.

After this study, I will be able to provide you with tailored advice to minimize or even neutralize the negative effects of these disturbances (e.g., repositioning your bed, finding solutions to address electromagnetic pollution, etc.).

This way, you will enjoy a better quality of life while preserving your well-being and health.

The service

My approach consists of two essential phases:

1. Remote Analysis: It is conducted using the floor plans, photos, and information you provide me. This initial phase allows me to make preliminary detections. Following this, I write a report and provide an approximate estimate of the time required for the on-site intervention.

2. Exclusive Remote Intervention : Once the quote is approved, we will jointly set a date for my service. I commit to providing you with email support during the following month, and we will conclude this period with a phone call to address any questions you may have.

Reference Prices :

  • Preliminary Remote Analysis (deducted from the final cost): 50 euros
  • Spaces of less than 100m2: 350 euros
  • Spaces between 100m2 and 200m2: 450 euros
  • Spaces larger than 200m2: 600 euros


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