Energy Healing

Discover the simplicity of well-being with my energy treatments or magnetism.

What is magnetism?

Magnetism is one of the oldest therapeutic techniques. It aims to channel and transmit energy to the body to promote healing.

Do you want to target a specific issue without necessarily exploring your entire energetic state?

I offer you a focused magnetic treatment to harmonize the energy in a specific area of your body. By eliminating stagnant or disturbed energies in that area, I then channel renewed energy that amplifies the natural healing power of your body.

What is Energy Healing?

The human being is more than a physical body; it is an entity composed of eight interconnected energetic bodies: physical, etheric, emotional, mental, causal, spiritual, crystal, and light.

Each of them can be affected by physical, emotional, or mental shocks, energy blockages, acts of magic, or memories of past lives.

However, with energy healing, it allows one to feel these different energies and quickly regain emotional and physical balance.

Energy treatments can thus be an effective tool to remove energy blockages, purify and balance vital energy, allowing for a harmonious circulation of the latter.

Everything is energy.

The entire universe, from the gigantic to the minuscule, is shaped by this vital energy.

Every heartbeat, every thought, every feeling is a manifestation of this energy. It is the invisible thread that connects everything around us, forming a complex web of interdependence.

By becoming aware of this fact, we realize that we are all manifestations of this universal vital force, strengthening our understanding of our place in the universe.


How does an in-office session proceed?

A typical session lasts about 60 minutes and is divided into two phases:

First, there is a welcoming moment. At the time of your appointment, you arrive at the office and we engage in a casual conversation for about ten minutes.

Then, based on this discussion and my initial impressions, we begin the treatment phase. During this phase, I communicate my perceptions to you as I carry out the various harmonizations.

How many sessions are required?

In most situations, noticeable effects are observed after the first session.

From a 'well-being' perspective, one can plan for 1 to 3 sessions annually, with a frequency of one session every 21 days at a minimum.

With the goal of 'well-being', one can consider a session every month or quarter.

It's essential to remember that each individual is unique, and in the same way, each session is unique.

How does a remote session proceed?

Once the questionnaire is received, I will perform the harmonization within the next 7 days. To ensure careful monitoring, I will remain in contact with you by email for the 21 days following the harmonization.

At the end of this period, I will offer a 20-minute phone call to discuss your experiences and answer all your questions. My goal is to support you throughout this process and ensure that you achieve the desired results.

Magnetism or energy healing: Which to choose?

A magnetic treatment targets a specific issue, without taking into account the overall energetic state of the body.

On the other hand, if you aspire to a complete rebalancing of your body or if you are facing various issues, energy healing is recommended. More comprehensive and requiring a longer intervention duration, it also encompasses magnetism. The combination of these two methods enhances the prospects of promoting the healing process.

Are energy healing sessions with clear sensing suitable for a very young child or someone under medical treatment?

Absolutely, these interventions aim to harmonize energy and can be adapted for all individuals and situations. They pose no risk of interaction with existing issues or ongoing medical treatments.

Is it possible to simultaneously combine other forms of energy healing?

It is generally advisable to avoid combining multiple energy therapies simultaneously, primarily to be able to distinguish their respective effects.

Some therapies, even though labeled as energy-based, may not produce the expected results, or even worsen one's health condition.

What is the recommended interval between each session?

A minimum gap of 21 days is typically recommended between each session.

This allows for the complete integration of the effects of each intervention and provides the opportunity to see what persists, so that it can be addressed with particular attention in the next session.

Subsequently, monthly sessions can be considered, either as a preventive measure or as a supplement until the desired result is achieved.


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